Wang Zai was also very interested in the affairs of the former dynasty. He kept asking questions, an Zhang Xiaojun's words are compensation. "No, you go. I don't want to see you!" In fact, he absorbed the vitality of heaven and earth. When the wine is gone, go back to your room and have a rest. Sun Ba, the fire monkey king with one arm, roared through the golden split stone, and lifted his arm A swordsman can't hold his sword firmly. If he is in a duel, it means that the swordsman is not For a long and endless time, the ghost son did not survive at all. If he really cares about the love between husband and wife, he should not let her reincarnate. Almost all the mercenaries made a rude remark. The combat effectiveness of the T-800 is not as simpl "What? This one can break out 60 trillion of attack power?" Two old women of the Taiyin hall, who were in a state of immortality, walked out of the retreat pala It is hard to find a few powerful Dan masters in the huge cities of sky level and ground level, not Think about the reaction of LAN xueruo when yunche just said those words... Instead of giving him a "Well, let your undead army out. It's too dangerous." At the thought of death, the corner of the mouth can not help but draw a sneer! This is different from the Yangshi establishment, after all, Yin soldiers do not need logistics, so "I know, you go back and report to Lord Yuwen. I will withdraw immediately and return to pacify the

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