Huida was pointed at by the black gun muzzle, but there was no worry just now. How about death? In the center of the storm, the green faced giant was suddenly flooded with dust. Noise from the glory of death, fixed in the eternal moment! (www.xbiquge.la xinbiquge), high speed full text online reading! Zeng Rou initially controlled the law of space, and he was the most sensitive person in the team exc Now separate, Xuan Yun Xing really don't know, when, can see Xia Tangming again, perhaps decades Even those who are no longer experienced in farming can easily judge that the Viscount Leslie's Marshal Vernon handed an envelope: "that's it. Don't ask us any more questions. You can go." Thus, in a flash, the power of the Taoist master level was raised. It seems to be overkill to put twinkle, a talent created for fighting, on such a small matter as mai What made him even more frightened was that even if people were killed, the white flame was still bu Thick skinned and black hearted are the names that old general Yun can never wash away. But how many Siam demon Zun had to say yes, so the demon lord and others covered their breath and flew up one aft After all, the imperial palace guards are selected from the dead veterans on the battlefield, and th After all, it's the people who come out of the palace of holy worship. They don't have to pa With that, Huang Lihai clapped the table and sighed. His mood was extremely complicated. Seeing this, the other guards naturally did not dare to speak any more, and all laid down their weap "I also attended the White House Press Association dinner for the first time."

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