Dia took a breath to herself, then stabilized her mood as much as possible, and said, "well, why doe This Xumao army, I'm afraid, is an army formed by the Huns who mobilized the elite of the whole However, what Guardia didn't think of, the boss did not praise him after listening to the sugges Three days later, ye Chu finally refined more than a dozen heats of pills. Each stove had nearly 30 "The head of the armor is hard! The blade likes to stay in the sea." Sure enough, three rays of light flew here! It seems that they have already established a large "country". It is a collection of the most advanced materials basic science and technology in the world. People are like this. It's easy to have compassion when you see someone who is worse than yourse That force is very strong. It is obviously not a good way to suppress it. "It's just that the vitality has been drained out. As long as the blood is replenished, it can b "Lying trough, his combat effectiveness suddenly soared." Soon, the blood on Yue Zhong's head stopped. However, the four people turned a deaf ear to Qingwei's words, and looked at the scene of their Nirvana of life and death is like yesterday's dream "Sire, the artillery fire of the Xinhua army has already destroyed the foundation of the city wall! "Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!" All the people present were shocked by Gao Tianxin's words again.

未世录 王力可宁静 难以割舍的意思